modern prefabricated homes

The Simple and Easy Prefabricated Homes

Prefabricated homes are made from fabricated module. The components already made off-site by a factory, usually in standard sections that can be easily assembled. The speed and simplicity of this technique, and also its function oriented made it become one of the factors for affordable housing. The idea begins after the Second World War. There a tons of house rehabilitation and rebuilding project. Prefabricated become the solid solution because of […]

craftsman style homes pictures

Classy Look with Craftsman Style Homes

Craftsman style homes plans are based on the ideas of British designers. Start from the British movement against Victorian over-decorated aesthetic, this movement’s philosophy which introduce the simplicity of form, local natural materials, and the visibility of handicraft, influenced a group of Boston’s architects, designers, and educators in the late 1890’s. This design dominated residential architecture in the early 20th century. That’s why you can find this architectural style in […]

shipping container home plans

What are Shipping Container Homes?

Shipping container homes architecture is a form of architecture using steel intermodal containers as structural element, because of their inherent strength, wide availability, and relatively low expense. If you do decide to purchase a genuine seafaring container, you’ll need to keep a number of factors in mind. First is size. Although dimensions are generally standardized, your safest bet for projects that join multiple units is to purchase a single brand. […]

hgtv dream home 2014 entry

HGTV Dream Home 2014 with Amazing Home Designs

HGTV dream home in 2014 to provide a wide selection of home design amazing and has its own uniqueness, where the house will be strong against various extreme seasons. The design is amazing with the quality of building materials made ​​in such a way to make the house has a unique and guaranteed quality. By doing so, you can get more information by knowing the home of HGTV that can […]

roy rogers restaurant

A Little History of Roy Rogers Restaurants

Roy Rogers Restaurants are almost everywhere. Founded in 1968 by the Marriot Corporation, Roy Rogers as in 2012 had 49 stores, 20 corporate, and 29 franchised. Named after the movie actor Roy Rogers, this fast food family restaurant offers not just burgers and fried chicken, but also pancakes and western platter for breakfast. The company founded the restaurant chain to replace their previous fast-food chain; most of them were then […]